New Friends.

One day, last year, while i was working in the store, this cute couple (above) came in to shop. While she was shopping he asked if i had ever considered doing a line for men. I said I had but so far had only made shirts for my family. We chatted for a while and he told me the story about his favorite shirt that he bought in Greece twenty years ago. He had loved the tunic to the point where it could no longer be worn without falling apart. It had been a few years since it was a viable but he couldn't get rid of his old friend. 

Next thing I know he brings it in and leaves it for me to consider making. :) He was very determined and apparently I was not the first person he had asked!

I reviewed the shirt and made a paper pattern. Next I cut out a sample, sewed it up in my yellow tulips and passed it to my son Will to test out. He loved it! We made slight modifications, and I sewed up another. And another. And now here it is, fresh from the factory, for the men in your life- all of mine are outfitted! 

When it came time to give the tunic a name, naturally I named it after my new friend Kenyon, the guy that brought in his favorite shirt and convinced me to make them! His wife Cynthia was already a customer, and now he is too. :)

I love this photo of Kenyon. He's so happy in his new shirt!

The Men in My Life.

At home I am surrounded by men: Curtis (husband), Chase (21 year old son), Will (18 year old son), Otis (brother) and Marc (Otis's partner). I can't tell you how many nights I've cooked for my 5 guys. 

Last weekend I asked Curtis, Otis and Marc to model for me so I could get some pics for the website. I had a great time taking their photos! Usually they are taking mine and it was great fun to swap places. Lots of laughs. It's so much better to be behind the camera than in front of it- I think we can all agree on that. 

New Brooklyns too!

Of course I wouldn't forget about all of you women! Just added these two prints to the tunic shirt for you as well. :)

Weekend Takeaways.

Last weekend I took this cute photo of my VW bus from the porch of Otis and Marc's cabin. I think it looks like a tiny toy. It just has the vibe that says, Hey- wanna be friends?

I made this little sketch from the spot where we hang out on the Russian River. Sometimes I like to make a little iPad drawing of places that I love. 

Til next time!

Just a little pic from our journey home with Mom in the backseat. She's been visiting for a couple of weeks from North Carolina. :) I'm in my Tegan caftan and Curtis is in his new Kenyon tunic.

xoxo Lesley

Lesley Evers
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