Loving Orange!

Orange just has a special brightness like no other color. It's my brother's favorite. This print includes a beautiful range of hues that orange has to offer- ENJOY!

I have new red lipstick thanks to a customer that brightened my day with a sweet gift last weekend (haven't had this color since my twenties!). Also sporting my new extra big vintage glasses. Yes, they are a risk but I'm going with it. :)

NEW Lottie Skort.

We have a new Lottie skort ready to ship in Flower Power Red! Just add a white tee and some flipflops.

I just don't wear shorts anymore, but skorts- yes! Much more flattering in my opinion. At least on me. Do you feel the same way?

Cutest Pajamas.

We've been selling loads of PJs with rave reviews. Stock is already running low so don't wait.

These 100% cotton pajamas are silky soft and very lightweight. I love mine and I know you will too. Dance around the house— you will look cute and know it!

Almost There!

Thrilled the end is in sight of this pandemic. I have not gotten the virus and I REALLY don't want to get it at the bitter end! 

This "Best of the Bay" mask-maker will be so happy to stop making them! Until then- stay safe!

Coming Soon.

We've been busy getting new things ready for the warm weather. I'm bundled up because we had some cold days this week—low 50s. Sometimes Curtis comes with me to the factories. I love being the passenger. :) 

These days I am focused on:
1) the new caftan dress
2) a really great linen tunic top
3) A TUNIC FOR MEN! — cannot 
wait to show it to you. I hope you can get the guys in your lives to wear them. My 19 year old surfer boy and 80 year old father-in-law wear the same one- ha! And I have pictures to prove. 

Til next week! xoxo Lesley

Laura Pinkowski