Tippi Red Fern

We've refreshed the Tippi selection with a brand new print to the style- Red Fern! Super cute. For sure I am keeping this one. 

In addition we restocked a fan favorite— Yellow Barcelona. We had a long wait list for this dress. Apparently many of us love a yellow/white combo. I do.  
Honestly this is one of my favorite styles. The cotton fabric is so soft and stretchy and it's just nice to have a sleeve sometimes. 

Hey Hey Haley

FYI- Haley is our sleeveless version of Tippi which I do love for summer. Offered in these three prints. I know, it's hard to choose which one. 

Elliot Options

Last week I forgot to show you how well this Green Bullseye Elliot top goes with our new Lori pant!

Below are all 3 prints- NOW ready to ship.

Madison Dress

I do like to wear a dress everyday when the weather is warm. This is one that I throw on and often wear without the matching sash. It's just so easy and comfortable. It has a sporty look with the collar and short sleeves. I wear mine with sandals, white tennies and also my navy Nikes.  

Lola Wrap Skirt

If you love pink and yellow this skirt hits the mark. I made a hidden pocket just under that wrap part of the skirt so that you can stash your phone without adding bulk at the hips. This Annie tee is off white and matches the white in the skirt very well. 

Live Try-On

Want to know how something fits? Or whether your favorite top will go with that pant you've had your eye on?

Tune in on Fridays at 10am PST to our Instagram page to see me and the ladies from our Oakland store try on new styles and old favorites!

Just comment in the messages if you have a questions or a try-on request. 

Sneak Peek

Mushroom Pink PJs will be here in just a couple of weeks. How cute are these? 

Other prints that are about to arrive in our Josephine PJs— Blue Hydrangea (one of my very favorites that I had to remake because I've worn my out), Navy Birds and Shakalaka Lilac. 

I've been going to bed early these days. Last night I put on my PJs at 6:30 after a tuna melt for dinner, got in bed at 7 and watched the Whitney Houston movie on Netflix. :)

Have a great weekend!

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski