Hello From My Porch. 

I have not gone far since last week.
Curtis wants to use a green screen so that we can drop in backgrounds. It seemed ridiculous at first but maybe not such a bad idea since I seem to be caught in a loop between the store, the factories, the warehouse and my house. I'm sure you are tired of my blue wall and yellow front door! I am. 

The new Molly dress is here and ready for summer adventure. Maybe this shift will have better luck going on a vacation in your wardrobe than mine.  :) 

Summer Kylie Skirt.

Super cute for July 4th, right? The red is a tad on the orange side but I don't care. This is what I'll be wearing on Independence Day. 

Ava is wearing the Kylie skirt with a Bobbi top in navy blue

Restocked (sizes M-2X).

We restocked all these dresses because sizes M-2X sold quickly in the first batch.  Good news if you missed out on these popular pieces. They are great for summer days.

Cute Girl.

My son's girlfriend, Avery just graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in photo journalism. She has been taking photos for me. I send her off with a bag of clothes and she comes back with beautiful images.

I think this Elaine dress just looks so cute on her. She's usually behind the camera but she posed for a few pics last week.

My Guys.

I love the long days of summer. We were just at a local place for dinner a few nights ago and I snapped this photo—Curtis,Will (20 years old) and Chase on the right (about to turn 23). I treasure the time together because it's not that often anymore.  

I hope you are all enjoying these lovely summer evenings. Get some great photos of the ones you love— they may complain but do it anyway. :) 

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski