This year, we decided to give our favorite dress a little makeover. We switched up the fabric to a comfy matte nylon/lycra knit, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer.

Honestly, I can't get enough of the Flower Power Burgundy pattern. It's my go-to choice for the upcoming season, and you bet it's going in my suitcase for Thanksgiving at my mom's. Our Arden style just got a whole lot more lovable!

Week Two!

We have a NEW Giveaway this week. 

November 10th‚ÄĒ16th
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Woohoo! Claudia is Here

I've been wearing my sample for a couple of months and many of you have had a sneak peek. This skirt is easy to pair with tops- an array of colors to match up on Dazzle Flower and Flower Silhouette goes with just about any color. 

Since the weather has been on the cooler side, I've been pairing it with some trusty black leggings underneath. It's all about comfort and style, right?

Emma Cardigan

Seriously, I am loving this cardigan. I've had a sample for nearly 3 months and I can honestly say it's been everywhere with me and I am wearing now as I write this email. 

Three beautiful colors to choose from: Sand, Navy and Red. I have Sand and I think Red is next to join my collection.


A basic gingham check shirt is practically considered a solid in my world. Layer with a solid or pair with pattern- totally up to you. 

Nancy has hers on with her Navy Lori pants and Emma cardigan. Such a cute outfit!

Beauty Sleep

Give the gift of sleeping like a queen with a silk pillowcase, eyemask and hair scrunchie. We've made these 100% silk luxury items in 5 of my favorite prints. See below. 

Vintage Inspiration

The other day, I stumbled upon a true gem in an upscale vintage boutique ‚Äď a magnificent organza dress straight from I. Magnin's circa¬†1965. I can't stop thinking about it, and I'm seriously contemplating a return trip to make it mine.

I really like the way the ruffles drape¬†down the front and I want to make something with this kind of flow. I have a collection of vintage pieces for reference‚ÄĒ some that I wear and some I just buy because I like them. Admittedly I¬†have a lot of dresses.

Minimalist or Maximalist? We were talking about this today during our photo shoot. My photographer, Amy said she read a book recently that suggests only keeping things that bring you joy. The problem she said is EVERYTHING brings her joy!

What a wonderful way to be. Joy-filled is just all good. Of course true joy doesn't come from possessions, but a dress can certainly put a skip in my step. 


Laura Pinkowski