The South of France

Our studio/warehouse was buzzing with excitement and imagination yesterday as we dreamt up the destinations we'd love to visit and the outfits we'd don to explore them. With a dash of digital magic, we brought these dreams to a virtual reality to share with you all.

For my own adventure, I envisioned a leisurely bike ride through the scenic South of France. Picture this: meandering from one quaint village to another, soaking in the serene beauty of the countryside, savoring exquisite local cuisine, and indulging in the region's renowned wines. For this imagined journey, I chose to wear our new Parker pant paired with the striped Taylor top - a combination that's both stylish and perfect for a relaxed day of exploration.

As you scroll down, you'll see more from my wonderful team and the holiday dreams they're harboring. We had such a fantastic time putting this together, filled with laughter and high spirits. It's these moments of joy and camaraderie that truly uplift my spirit!

Caroline in Italy

Many of you may already be familiar with Caroline, a relatively new addition to our team who has been excelling in customer service. For her virtual adventure, she chose to 'travel' to the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany, Italy, for a delightful wine tasting experience. Adorned in the Arden dress featuring the Burgundy Flower print, Caroline looks absolutely stunning, perfectly complementing the scenic Italian backdrop.

Natalie in Palm Springs

We're currently buzzing with excitement as we prepare our first print catalog, and Natalie, who joined our team just last month, is leading this creative venture. Though I'm not part of the catalog team, their enthusiasm is truly infectious.

For a special sneak peek, Natalie has chosen the Genevieve dress from our sample rack, which is in production now and will be available at the end of February. This dress features a stunning geometric print in a blend of beautiful blues, orange, and yellow ‚Äď a perfect match for the sunny and stylish backdrop of Palm Springs. Natalie, poolside and radiating charm, is a splendid vision in the Genevieve dress, capturing the essence of our brand's playful and bold spirit.

Casey's Arctic Aspirations

Juggling the joys of new motherhood, Casey's found herself a tad behind on her holiday errands. She's half-jokingly hoping for a swift sleigh ride to Santa's Workshop to tick off her gift list in one fell swoop!

Casey is the linchpin of our operations, adeptly handling a myriad of tasks with grace and efficiency.¬†Here she is, embodying the winter wonderland spirit in our Melanie dress, cozily paired with the Cassandra cardigan‚ÄĒa perfect ensemble for the festive flurry.

A Staycation for Aizah 

For Aizah, our cherished team member, a tranquil staycation is the theme of her virtual getaway.
Aizah's daily routine is a whirlwind of activity, something many of you might find relatable. Her day starts early, arriving at work by 6:30 AM to diligently pack your orders. After her shift ends at 2:30 PM, she's off to pick up her youngest son, returning home to her family of six. As a dedicated mother to four boys, Aizah takes on the role of the family chef, preparing meals for everyone. Juggling the demands of work and her busy home life, she hardly finds a moment to herself.

Molly Goes To Greece 

Just one week into her role at Lesley Evers, Molly has already dived into a plethora of tasks, ranging from Color Capsules to Line Sheets for wholesale accounts, and even a textile project. Now, she steps into the spotlight in our email, showcasing her adaptability and enthusiasm.

In this imaginative scene, Molly is gracefully adorned in the Tegan dress in Seagrass Gold. She’s also debuting our new tote, set to be released in February, perfect for a springtime flourish. Her radiant smile reflects the joy and excitement of her first week with us, capturing the essence of being in a beautiful, bustling Greek village.

Annamaria loves Mexico 

Annamaria, our maven of merchandise, is forever busy organizing our inventory. Whether she's sorting new arrivals, tidying up the aisles, or ensuring that each shipment meets our standards, her dedication is unwavering.
Annamaria's has her sights set on a¬†beach vacation in Mexico. Captured here, she radiates in the Sienna dress in¬†¬†our exclusive Serendipity¬†pattern. It's more than just a dress; it's a statement‚ÄĒand on Annamaria, it's nothing short of spectacular.

Expanding Our Horizon

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to appear on a local morning show to discuss¬†gifts we offer in our newly enlarged space. It was a first for me, and to prepare, I sought the expertise of a dear friend who's a TV producer. After a crash course¬†where she¬†polished my amateur presentation skills, I felt ready‚ÄĒor so I thought.

The live experience was a whirlwind, quite different from our rehearsals, but I managed to navigate the segment with a few improvisations and minimal fumbles‚ÄĒwhew!

Our shop's transformation is still underway, with more displays and shelving in the works. This past week was a milestone; we installed new heating and transported massive cottonwood slab table from my home to the heart of the store, thanks to a large truck and 4 strong men.

With the store set on the right track, I'm now turning my attention to the festive season. It's a quick pivot to Christmas shopping‚ÄĒ for the men in my life‚ÄĒand I confess, my expedition to Costco was a classic last-minute spree. I'm sure most of you are far ahead¬†compared to me.

Wishing you all the warmth and joy of Christmas.

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski