Oh Natalie!

The long-awaited Natalie coat has arrived! I've given you several sneak peeks and finally I can just say it's here and ready to ship!

The coat is knit and feels like a sweater but has wonderful structure with a loose fit through the body. It's really a special piece and will add a lot of personality to your wardrobe. 

Two great color ways to choose from- strawberry pink or ocean blue. My friend Jamie thinks she needs both- ha! Well that's an option too. :)


To go along with our cute Natalie coats we have an assortment of separates for you to choose from this week. Two new Stella tops joined the club. :)

Love All Over Print?

I've got you covered. Better than a jumpsuit, you can divide these pieces or where them together.  

Also New to the Crew

Who doesn't like a striped tee? Here's how I am wearing mine-
My Black/Ivory I've been wearing with my Lori Black Corduroy pants though yesterday I dribbled coffee right down the front of it. I immediately rinsed it and there's no stain, thankfully.
My Tomato Red/Teal Stripe looks perfect with my Chloe skirt. This pairing a great way to make this skirt casual and sporty!

Black Pant Line-Up

1. ANGIE Black Corduroy- cut straight in our stretch corduroy and cropped with an inseam to hit at the ankle, this is a great everyday pant. Fits like a legging. 
2. LORI Black Corduroy- best work with a wedge to add some height, in my option. Cut with a flair and fits like a legging. 
3. AUDREY Solid Black knit- I can't get by without these and just got a fresh pair for the new season. Slight flair and cropped. Snug fit is best. (bottom photo on Kaija with Gems top)

Customers Collide

It goes like this:
"Lesley Evers!"
"Hey, Lesley Evers!"
And somehow I get to be part of this fantastic greeting between these 2 women.
This just brings me joy. 

Dinner with Curtis

Most nights I cook but last night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I had a cauliflower tostada and Curtis ordered nachos. 

I'm loving my Kimmy top with our Natalie coat. It's so pretty together along with the tomato Chloe skirt. This is the outfit at the top of my circulation pile. With my personal clothing I go in phases and I am deep in a Kimmy/Natalie phase. :)

Wondering if you dress in phases and if so what's on the top of your pile that you wear repeatedly? 
Would love to hear from you. :)

Love, Lesley


Laura Pinkowski