Shipping Team

With the arrival of warmer weather, we've seen a significant increase in orders. It's been all hands on deck!

To add to the challenge, one of our key team members, Aizah, has been away for a few weeks visiting family. We're excited to welcome her back this Monday.

To give you a glimpse of our latest favorites as well as highlight these lovely hard-working women, I've asked the them to model their favorites for you...


Welcome Shakira! It's her second week and she has already learned where everything is. She came just in time. We were having difficulty keeping up and she has saved the day! 

Her choice outfit: Joy in Olive paired with Claudia in Dazzle Flower- so pretty on her!!


Annamaria has lots of favorites but decided to show you what she's decided to buy this week- the Alexa dress! It's so cute on her. It's stretchy and flattering. 

She comes to work everyday with that big smile and such a wonderful attitude— always willing to help everyone. 


"Hello? It's Caroline from Lesley Evers..." you may have already had a call with Caroline. Every question and challenge lands on her desk and she sorts them all out with a smile on her face. I will say I think we have the best customer service! 

She's wearing the Dawn blouse in Prairie Posy. It was just restocked! I love this mint color on her! 


Stephanie has been packing a TON of orders. Normally she manages the inventory and keeps everything organized but with Aizah away she has been working solely on your orders.   

Stephanie chose the Genevieve in Dazzle Flower. I was not surprised a bit because I know they are her favorite colors. :) 


Yes— I have been helping a bit! I enjoy working in shipping. I love to see what you order and pull everything for the ladies to pack.  

I'm wearing the Chloe skirt in White and the Stella in Echinacea.
The skirt is a bright white and the top is a very good match for it. This outfit is very comfortable and feminine. 

Dawn Blouse

Hey— we've restocked the Prairie Posy and added 2 new prints to our Dawn top— Blue Fern and Butterflies. 

Portland Store Team

2230 NE Alberta St, Portland OR

I was in Portland for a few days and we go so much done! Curtis and I even hung wallpaper in the loft. We continue to work on the space and add decor. I'm so happy to have such a great team there. From the left- Store manager Sara, me, Amanda, Hope and Wendy, who joined just last week!

We are hoping to open a couple of more stores this year. I can't speak about the locations yet but hope to tell you soon! 

I'm quite busy these days. I really try not to worry about what's around the corner and just focus on the present. With this tactic I admit that I am not always as prepared as I should be but I get by without a lot of stress. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Laura Pinkowski