New Gina Dresses!

Fresh from our Oakland factory—the new Gina dresses have arrived in a couple of customer favorite prints. I chose to wear one of my tops picks of the season, Flower Charm Pink.

And in the theme of charms, I'm giving you a sneak peek of the charm necklaces that we will be adding to the website. Coming soon!

Emily has completely fallen for the Shakalaka dress—it looks absolutely stunning on her! She's truly a ray of sunshine, making this dress a perfect match for her vibrant spirit.

Our Gauze Dress

Here for summer!! Melinda is undeniably the dress you will want to wear in the heat. It's lofty, airy, and so beautiful!  

Tops too!

I love our cotton gauze and I think you will too. Our new style Teresa is wonderful. Light, soft and pretty.

New to Eve

We've added a few more colors to this cute shell top. :)
Click on the image to see all the options!  


Emily and I squeezed in a lively game of pickleball yesterday after work. We're currently exploring a fun project to create pickleball bags and paddles, and we took some time to test out different prototypes. It was a session full of success and laughter!

We also put the upcoming Lottie skorts through their paces with a good run around. Although it might be hard to tell from the photos, I'm wearing our Serendipity pattern and Emily is sporting Blue Mod Hearts.

The game was a great reminder for both of us about the importance of weaving more playtime into our lives!

Wishing you a playful and joyful weekend.


Laura Pinkowski