My Process

If we were to meet for a coffee and you asked me how I do what I do, here’s my answer with pictures.


The Print

Oftentimes a dress starts with a textile idea. I design the print on a digital drawing board and then email the file to my fabric printer in Los Angeles, where I keep a variety of my custom milled fabric stocked and ready to go.


Styles and Planning

I really like to make shapes that are flattering and comfortable. Over the years I’ve developed hundreds of styles. I’m continuously adding new ones and modifying old ones. Using post-its I lay out the styles that I want to make and match up the prints to each style. I also plan color stories so that everything will look pretty together online and in store. With the post-its I can easily resort and make changes. Each week about 4 new items are completed.


The Factory

Wing, the factory owner, is a great cutter. He loves his job. There are about 8 women in the factory that sew the dresses. They are incredibly skilled. We collaborate on how the dress should be constructed. Sometimes they have better ideas than me.


#LErealwomenproject Photo Shoot

I love to feature my friends/customers on the website. I believe you want to see relatable women doing their thing- at home, at work and out in the world instead of young models with loads of makeup pretending to be something. My photographer, Amelia Plumb, does a great job making these women feel comfortable and capturing them in a natural way.


Product Shoot

As much I love the lifestyle images, these product shots give you a clean and simple look at each piece— front and back. Amelia take the photos in her home studio. I have a few college girls (daughters of friends) that model the clothes for me. We try to get the dresses photographed right away so that you can see the newest arrivals.


Ready to Sell

The small batches are divided up between the two shops and online. Let us know if something isn’t available online. We might have it in one of the shops and we will track it down for you! And if you have questions about fit feel free to call the store and talk to a salesperson. 510-595-7600. Remember we are on California time. :)


Filling Your Order

We try to ship your order the same day it comes in. If it's not in the warehouse, we may have to pull it from the Marin store which takes an extra day. If you have questions about your order send an email to


Devoted to Local

We make all the dresses right here in Oakland, California because local works for me. I can easily oversee the production and have a relationship with everyone involved. It’s how I like to work.