JACKIE Farmland Red

JACKIE Farmland Red

I love this wrap dress! I couldn't decide what colorway to make the print, so I texted a couple college friends some choices and they both picked the pink/red version of my new design Farmland— so here it is thanks to Marni and Monica. :) I'm so glad they picked it. For some reason it was making me nervous but not anymore. I want one. The style is really flattering and the print is too so it's a wonderful combination. The diagonal lines in the print complement the style of the wrap dress. This one is great all the way through summer. And thank you to my neighbor/customer Nargis for modeling! #LErealwomenproject


  • 95% poly; 5% spandex
  • Machine wash cold, dry flat
  • Textile by me- this one is for my love of California country landscapes! :)


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