Flower Time!

Introducing our latest skirt design, the Calista! For me choosing one of these floral skirts is tougher than you might think. Despite popular belief, I don't keep one of every item. :) Since I already own the YELLOW Natalie coat, I'm inclined towards the Daffodil skirt.

Below, we've curated a selection of items from our collection to perfectly complement each Calista skirt. Our goal with these color capsules is to simplify your selection process amidst our expanding range. We understand that browsing through our growing collection can be a bit much. We're eager to enhance your online shopping experience with us, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear them!


The last two colors of our Emma collection have landed and we are all excited because the colors are amazing. There seems to be a buzz around the Lilac in the office. I love all the colors but I'm calling the Lilac out as the star of the season. 

Taylor Restocks

Our knit collar top flew off the shelves so we've restocked these essential colors. Thankfully just in time because they do pair well with our Calista skirt!


Roxanne is stocked and ready to ship for spring. This lightweight breezy denim pant is lovely for warm weather. Cut with a wide flared leg, Roxanne will give you that 70's groove with some modern style. 

Family Chat

I take a lot of selfies of me and Curtis and send them to our kids on our family chat. Sometimes they reply with a selfie which I love. It's fun to see what we are all doing at the same time. Even though we are apart it makes me feel connected. Just a little thing we do that makes me happy as a somewhat experienced empty-nester. 

Do you have have fun things that keep your family connected when apart? Would love some tips.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Laura Pinkowski