Stella + Audrey

Our newest Stella tops are here along with a couple of new Audrey print pants. I'm matching top and bottom this week to show you— I'm all in on Jubilee!

True Blue

Do you love blue? I sure do!
My Sea Glass print is debuting on our Juniper dress. It's bold and beautiful, perfect for this loose and easy shift. The hues of blues are just lovely. 

Pilow Shams

We added Garden Oasis and Zinnia Blue to our Pillow sham collection. :) 

Me + Mom

In a more personal update, my mom has just wrapped up her two-week visit, and we had a wonderful last evening together at a local restaurant. I wore my favorite pink Chloe skirt, which, despite a minor mishap involving a dollop of bright orange pasta sauce, survived the night spotless!

I managed to wash out the stain immediately after returning home—truly, not a trace was left. This skirt not only looks fabulous but also proves its resilience.

We're restocking sold-out sizes soon, so make sure to sign up for notifications if you've had your eye on it!

Isn't it the best feeling when you think something's completely ruined, but then it turns out perfectly fine?

Small joys— they add up!



Laura Pinkowski