For Valentine's

In a season where hearts and love align,
We start with napkins, in a design so fine.
Four in a set, with Mod Hearts in pink,
On tables they'll lay, where glasses clink.

Sweet Dreams

In the season of love, hearts softly sway,
Adorning gifts in a charming array.
Long PJs and short, with hearts so bright,
Whispering sweet dreams all through the night.


A tumbler there stands, sturdy and sleek,
Holding warmth or cool, whatever you seek.
Companioned by socks, so playful and neat,
A duo of comfort for tired, wandering feet.

Symbol of Love

Here comes the Sylvie sweater, oh-so fine,
Interlocking hearts in a mid-century line.
It wraps around like a warm embrace,
A symbol of love, of time and space. 

More Than A Gift

Our journey of gifts, now nearly complete,
Ends with a scarf, vast and replete.
Large wooly hearts, on fabric so grand,
It envelops in love, like a warm, tender hand.

Each gift, a token, of affection so deep,
Together they make memories to keep.
From napkins to scarf, in love's tender art,
They're more than just gifts, they're pieces of heart.

Laura Pinkowski