THE shot

THE shot

Sep 17th 2017

Amelia, my photographer, is pretty much game for anything. She rode with my 18 year old son in the convertible in front of me and Curtis in our VW bus. Afterward we went to In -N-Out for cheeseburgers. It was a California day. :)

Amelia did a really great job- she got the shot of I've dreaming of! I'm going to print it in HUGE format for the stores. 

Below is a photo of Amelia taking a photo of us. (notice TONS of traffic!) I took it from the bus with my iphone. 

Just checking those boxes off one by one and having fun while I do it. :)

Well for quite a while I've wanted a great image of me and Curtis driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. I just had it stuck in my mind as an iconic brand photo. It has been on my wish list of things to do that I never have time for. Finally last week I just said- let's do it today! It's a beautiful day- let's go!