Photoshoot with a view of the Bay.

Sep 25th 2018

For the first round of fall 18 images we went to a Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Since it was August in SF it actually felt like fall. :) In the Bay Area we have micro-climates so it can be warm and sunny in Oakland and then 12 miles away by the Golden Gate Bridge it's cool and foggy. 

I rounded up my friends Amelia (photographer), Natalie and Britt and piled the clothing in the back of my car. They are good sports as we had to change outfits on the go. It was a fun morning and we had some good social time too. 

That shot in the crosswalk at the top took about 10 tries. We were all quite uncoordinated and Amelia made us to it over and over until she got the shot. Very embarrassing since there were some people going about their business while we went about ours. In the end it was worth it. I am happy with the images. :)