My photo shoot with Mayor Libby Schaaf

My photo shoot with Mayor Libby Schaaf

Sep 10th 2017

Most of you know that I always use my customers as models on the website. I think it's better for so many reason and I call the campaign #LErealwomenproject. I just love featuring my customers and getting to know them.

Libby Schaaf shopped in the store before she was mayor, and has enthusiastically supported me during her time in office, especially because I do all of my manufacturing right here in Oakland. Making the product locally has always been important to me. Over the years I've built relationships with several of the factories in the city and I know they count on my work to stay in business.

I was hesitant to ask her to do a shoot because I thought she'd be too busy for it. I emailed her one night and she replied right back- SURE! She put me in touch with her team and we made a plan.

Libby and I were both born in Oakland. Her campaign slogan was MADE IN OAKLAND- which is basically my tagline since I make all my clothes here. As a backdrop to Libby in the dresses, I decided to take her to local business that also make their product right here in Oakland to show off what's happening around town.