My coffee date

My coffee date

Jan 11th 2018

Last month my longtime online customer, Alison Stewart, was in town hosting a conference in San Francisco and carved out time to meet me for coffee. Of course I asked Amelia Plumb to join us to get some photos of Alison for the website.

You may remember Alison in the 90's from MTV- that was where she started. But now she delivers stories on PBS's Newshour.

We've followed each other on social media for many years, and exchanged emails about dresses when she had questions. We are the same age, 51. She graduated from Brown the same year I graduated from Penn. And then both moved to New York. We could have easily been friends and now we are- real life friends, not just virtual. :)

Photographing her was really fun. She was full of questions, naturally since she's a journalist. And also full of laughs- can't you tell we have having fun from the photos? The time flew by and lucky me- pretty pictures for my website!

I am so happy to have her as a #LErealwomenproject model. I wish we could grab a coffee once a month. Maybe once a year is possible!