Sep 25th 2018

Photoshoot with a view of the Bay.

For the first round of fall 18 images we went to a Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Since it was August in SF it actually felt like fall. :) In the Bay Area we have micro-climates so it can be warm and sunny in Oakland and then 12 miles away by the Golden Gate Bridge it's cool and foggy. I rounded up my friends Amelia (photographer), Natalie and Britt and piled the clothing in the back of my car. They are good sports as we had to change outfits on the go. It was a fun morning and we had some good social time too. That shot in the crosswalk at the top took about 10 tries. We were all quite uncoordinated and Amelia made us to it over and over until she got the shot. Very embarrassing since there were some people going about their business while we went about ours. In the end it was worth it. I am happy with the images. :) 

Aug 21st 2018

Heading from Oakland to San Francisco

My customer Gretchen and her daughter are waiting to meet up with friends nearby my Rockridge store so Amelia and I snapped their picture. Gretchen is wearing Madeleine skirt, Evelyn B/W stripe top, and Britt blazer in black.  Look at that random little cutie scooting by!All together with Kristan and her daughter, they are on the way to San Francisco. The BART station is just a block from the store which is so convenient. Kristan has on my newest wrap dress for fall- Jackie black/red stripe.Amelia and I said goodbye to the ladies on the platform. Amelia got this last photograph as the train was pulling up. What a line up! Love these ladies. And little ladies.

Mar 27th 2018

At home with my friend, neighbor and customer Vicki Isip

As you know, I love photographing my customers. I don't see the point of using models. My #LErealwomenproject gives you a look at my dresses on women that are actually my customers. Here's a peek into Vicki's world. And I must say these photographs that Amelia took really do represent Vicki. As her friend I can say I think they truly capture her California vibe. 

Jan 12th 2018

My Shark Tank friend, Kat

2018— let's go!Starting the year with some gorgeous images by Amelia of my friend Kat Nouri. She's celebrating her new Shark Tank investment for her Stasher bags! We squeezed in the shoot last Friday and watched her Shark Tank episode with her on Sunday- GO Kat!! She's a busy one.We have some beautiful store locations you can visit around the San Francisco Bay area and see our beautiful dresses in person. The dresses are all designed and manufactured in Oakland. Dresses featured in the above photographs: Vera DenimBailey RuffelMarley Mauve LinesHope Geo Camelia (Sold out) 

Jan 11th 2018

My coffee date

Last month my longtime online customer, Alison Stewart, was in town hosting a conference in San Francisco and carved out time to meet me for coffee. Of course I asked Amelia Plumb to join us to get some photos of Alison for the website. You may remember Alison in the 90's from MTV- that was where she started. But now she delivers stories on PBS's Newshour. We've followed each other on social media for many years, and exchanged emails about dresses when she had questions. We are the same age, 51. She graduated from Brown the same year I graduated from Penn. And then both moved to New York. We could have easily been friends and now we are- real life friends, not just virtual. :) Photographing her was really fun. She was full of questions, naturally since she's a journalist. And also full of laughs- can't you tell we have having fun from the photos? The time flew by and lucky me- pretty pictures for my website! I am so happy to have her as a #LErealwomenproject model. I wish we could grab a coffee once a month. Maybe once a year is possible!

Dec 29th 2017

At the factory

I visit the factory about every other day. I love that I can- just one of the upsides to making the dresses locally.

Nov 24th 2017

Kicking off the Holidays

CHEERS! The holidays are here, ready it or not.  (I'm not)We went out with friends last weekend and I got some shots of my new holiday dresses. My friends are good sports. We met at Drake's in Oakland- an old car dealership turned taproom.Vicki wore the Paloma dress in royal crush velvet. That blue looked AMAZING on her.Kim wore the Lucille in black sparkle and I wore Nadine in silver.

Nov 20th 2017

Mini shoots

#LErealwomenprojectI get new pieces in every week so there's no break on taking photos. Two local customer helped me out this month- Jane Inch and Kia Conn. They did such a great job! We photographed Jane in her lovely home and Kia met me at the store to take some College Avenue shots. Here are the ads that you may have seen on Facebook. And additional images below. Thank you Amelia Plumb for making so many pretty pictures!

Sep 28th 2017

Out Last Night

At the risk of totally irritating my friends, sometimes I just ask Amelia (my most amazing and lovely photographer) to pop by for photos when going out. Merging my personal life and work life is the only way to get everything done.I love this black and white Mindy dress on Monica. She has gorgeous black hair so black and white is always pretty on her. Jody is wearing her Robyn top with cute slim pants and matching bright red shoes and I have on my Penelope dress- my dress-up uniform dress this season.

Sep 17th 2017

THE shot

Amelia, my photographer, is pretty much game for anything. She rode with my 18 year old son in the convertible in front of me and Curtis in our VW bus. Afterward we went to In -N-Out for cheeseburgers. It was a California day. :)Amelia did a really great job- she got the shot of I've dreaming of! I'm going to print it in HUGE format for the stores. Below is a photo of Amelia taking a photo of us. (notice TONS of traffic!) I took it from the bus with my iphone. Just checking those boxes off one by one and having fun while I do it. :)Well for quite a while I've wanted a great image of me and Curtis driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. I just had it stuck in my mind as an iconic brand photo. It has been on my wish list of things to do that I never have time for. Finally last week I just said- let's do it today! It's a beautiful day- let's go!

Sep 10th 2017

My photo shoot with Mayor Libby Schaaf

Most of you know that I always use my customers as models on the website. I think it's better for so many reason and I call the campaign #LErealwomenproject. I just love featuring my customers and getting to know them. Libby Schaaf shopped in the store before she was mayor, and has enthusiastically supported me during her time in office, especially because I do all of my manufacturing right here in Oakland. Making the product locally has always been important to me. Over the years I've built relationships with several of the factories in the city and I know they count on my work to stay in business. I was hesitant to ask her to do a shoot because I thought she'd be too busy for it. I emailed her one night and she replied right back- SURE! She put me in touch with her team and we made a plan. Libby and I were both born in Oakland. Her campaign slogan was MADE IN OAKLAND- which is basically my tagline since I make all my clothes here. As a backdrop to Libby in the dresses, I decided to take her to local business that also make their product right here in Oakland to show off what's happening around town.

Sep 10th 2017

an extra special label- checking that box!

I love a special label for coats. I've wanted to make one forever and I finally sat down the other night and did it. I can't wait to see how it looks woven. I was thinking I could also put it on canvas totes. There are so many things I want to make and so little time, but I can check the box on this one and that feels great!UPDATE: Just adding this photo now, in November. the label is here and the first jacket is done!

Aug 12th 2017

My Summer of Love Dinner Party

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. The spring and summer of 1967 brought nearly 100,000 outsiders, activists, and dreamers to San Francisco. These young people traveled far and wide to join a community of artists, musicians, poets, and radicals who would change the world–influencing popular culture through music and art; launching the natural and organic foods movement; protesting war with peace and love, and ushering in an era of greater connectivity. I was 1/2 a year old and living in Berkeley. Today I am fifty and live about a mile from where I was then. I love the Bay Area for everything it is and what it represents. Especially now, with everything our country is facing.