TOTE Danish Flower Orange

TOTE Danish Flower Orange

My printed canvas totes will fold up easy to fit into your purse to pull out when you need it. I use mine when I'm at the market picking up a few things for dinner. Or when I'm bringing my Macbook Pro with me. Make a present extra special by using it as gift bag. Save paper and plastic- use a canvas tote!

Thank you Kat Nouri letting us into your home for this shoot. Kat was just on Shark Tank with her Stasher bags and Mark Cuban has teamed up with her! Look for her product in your neighborhood stores- they will soon be everywhere. She's working toward ending plastic bags for a better planet with her silicone reusable zip locks. They are fantastic- I know because I use them. 




  • 13" x 16"
  • 100% cotton canvas- machine washable


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